July 28th Meeting Postponed

Greetings all!

I’m writing to let you know that the July 28th Vapor Intrusion Workgroup meeting  is POSTPONED. I expect to reschedule for early September and will let you know a date as soon as possible.

I would like to thank the DEP team for all the work that they did to prepare for this meeting. Unfortunately, summer schedules and competing priorities being what they are, I have not been able to provide the appropriate review/briefings that such important (& voluminous) work deserves. The delay will allow us to present the response to comments AND the redrafted text that has resulted from all of your input.  In addition, as noted in Gerard’s email, MassDEP is interested in following up on specific regulatory changes that have periodically come up in our past VI discussions.  You may recall, the guidance is being developed for the current regulations, which have some limitations, and there are some areas where a change in the rules would make sense. We have been keeping a list of such changes and there were several mentioned in the VI comments, but I would welcome any other suggestions you would like to forward to me prior to the September meeting.

We will be in touch soon with a time/date/location for the rescheduled meeting and will provide a link to material prior to the meeting.

Enjoy the rest of the summer & see you in September!

–          Paul Locke


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