Conceptual Site Model Text

Numerous guidance documents present discussions on Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) for VI.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, we could consider incorporating an exerpt from one of these documents into our guidance.  Feel free to add links to other guidance that you might find.

Below are links to some of these documents.  Please review and provide your thoughts on which one best suits our needs.

CA EPA 2004

NJ DEP 2005

ITRC 2007

API 2005


One Response

  1. A conceptual model should be a compilation of Mechanisms and Conditions that bear on the completeness of a vapor intrusion pathway. Mechanisms and conditions include things like partitioning, diffusion, advection, geology, climate, etc.

    The conceptual model is best used to structure investigations by highlighting data gaps, guiding decisions in the field like cutting or adding sample locations at the last minute (on what basis do you make a decision?), and aiding in corrective action planning. Unfortunately conceptual models are treated as a box that needs to be checked, not as meaningful planning tools. We need to change this part of the approach with the 2009 draft of the VI Guidance.

    -Todd C.

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